Metalic Crinkle Papers

Crinkle metallic paper is very three dimensional and can look like real metal, but that is an illusion. It can be used in bookbinding, card and jewelry making, and collage art. It will adhere to a surface using enough glue and  still maintain its wonderful texture. These papers come in several
metallic colors.

All papers are of a fine, durable quality and are hand decorated by Ingrid.
The sheets measure 18” X 24” and are Ph neutral.
Each Moth Marble's paper is $15.,with a minimum order of 3 sheets from any gallery. Visa, Master Card, and prepaid checks are accepted.


1. Copper

2. Sea Foam

3. Gold

4. Emerald

5. Royal Blue

6. Turquoise

7. Copper & Sea Foam

8. Gold & Turquoise

9.Gold & Red

10. Gold & Copper

11. Copper & Turquoise

12. Gold & Sea Foam

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