Mosaic Paper Gallery

Mosaic papers are unique because they are geometric yet possess a softness that catches the light and plays with the eye. Your imagination can go wild with ways this paper can be used. Decoupage is an idea.

All papers are of a fine, durable quality and are hand decorated by Ingrid.
The papers measure 18”x24” and are Ph neutral.
Each paper is $15. with a minimum order of 3 sheets from any gallery.


#1 Green & Blue Mosaic

#2 Copper & White Mosaic

#3 Red & Turquoise Mosaic

#4 Copper, Turquoise & Green Mosaic

#5 Mixed Color Mosaic

#6 Pink & Gold Mosaic

#7 Green & Copper Mosaic

#8 Silver, Turquoise & Blue Mosaic

#9 Red & Turquoise Mosaic (detail)

#10 Turquoise, Gold & Purple Mosaic (detail)

#11 Gold & White Mosaic

#12 Mosaic Papers (assorted)

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